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UI / UX Design

Promo video

About the project

Unearth is a final year degree project for the bachelor of Computer Graphic Design. It’s created by Zhong Phee and myself.

The purpose of our project is to create a promotional tool that demonstrates the usage of eye tracking technology in a creative context via user interaction.

The project demonstrates an example of eye tracking technology used in a creative context in the form of a promotional tool. This promotional campaign is designed for an exhibition within a fictional osteological museum, Ostó. It demonstrates how one can easily implement eye tracking technology to further enhance the message and engage with user’s interaction.

The visuals convey an abstract form of incompletion that engages the user to find out more about what the museum is offering and to prompt the target audience to visit the museum for the full experience. Topographic lines have been incorporated into the design to suggest a relation to the earth and ground, alongside the skulls.